Tuesday, January 5, 2016

What is Science and the Scientific Method?


Topic: The Development of a Vertical GreenHouse.


Bryan Tan Jun Wei, Andrea Loh Yue Heng, Ashley Chan Shi Ya [Class S2-08]

Hello! I am Bryan, the leader of Group A. Our project is basically all about agricultural farming whereby we have to engineer the three soil samples: Sand, Silt and Clay and mix them all together in order to let the plants flourish in the best soil. We are also building a mini vertical greenhouse where we incorporate the ideas of vertical farming just that we have improved it by further focusing on the environmental factors.

Type of research: 6  [Improve a product or process: Industrial and applied

Category: 20 [Plant Sciences]

Sub-Category: Others


      Science is the concerted human effort to understand better the history of the natural world and how it works. It is done through observation of natural phenomena or through experimentation that tries to simulates natural processes under controlled conditions.

      Some scientists make observations to find out more about their surroundings while others do experiments to see what consistent patterns emerge. The commonality is that these people are making and recording observations of nature in order to learn how it works. 

Scientific Method