4. Discussion

4.1 Analysis of results

We found manage to meet the soil criteria and plants are actually growing at a faster rate with the soil given to them. The plants are also growing and flourishing which shows that the soil we have created is optimal for the plants.

4.2 Key findings

The key findings of the soil test shows that it does not match the growth requirements of Balsam and Onion. What we have done is to add compost to the soil sample such that the requirements for the soil of onion and balsam are met.


4.3 Explanation of key findings

We got the soil from a nearby by florist (Coronna Florist). We got the clay, sand and silt soil all from there. However, for silt, we were given a hard slab which we had to put in water to soak for a few hours in order for the silt to be separated from the dirt that is also included in the slab. We tested all the pH, nitrate, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and iron for all the three soil sample. We not only got the three soil sample, but we also gotten compost soil which can help enable the soil to meet the requirements of the balsam and onion. There is no such thing as a perfect soil so we decided to add compost to each of the mixed soil sample (sand, silt and clay mixed together) as the compost can help to lower the pH such that it can match the requirements that we managed to research online.

4.4 Evaluation of engineering goals

We managed to ensure that all the 11 factors (pH, nitrate, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron, temperature) according to the specific requirements. However, as water and shade control are not easy, we did not meet these requirements.

4.5 Areas for improvement

We could actually include a irrigation channel with water pump that can help pump up a controlled amount filtered water to the plants so the plants can easily access the plant. We could also add a temperature detector such that a automatic functional shade would move out to shade the plants when it hits a certain amount of temperature.

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