5. Conclusion

5.1 Practical Applications

Our method is a good model for farmers to optimise their agricultural output that reduces waste and maximises production. It can also help enable farmers to utilise a lesser amount of place for a higher amount of plants being grown.
5.2 Areas for further study

We can start growing balsam and onions using more cost-saving methods such as aquaponics, hydroponics method. We can also try adjusting the environmental factors such that it will be very convenient for the farmer as everything in the house is automatically operated

5.3 Recommendations

We can further add an irrigation channel to the house so that water can be easily accessible to the plants and we do not have to worry about the availability of water. We can also add a ventilation fan so that the house can be even more airy and would not be humid. We can also add a compartment beside the house where we can store all the gardening tools to ensure we do not forget them.

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