8. Acknowledgements

We would like to thank the lab staffs for lending us the equipment and being patient with us when we were having trouble with the materials, not forgetting our friends. We would like to thank Aloysius, Nigel, Brendan and Jia Hui from S2-08 for helping us with the testing of the soil. Mostly, we would like to dedicate this to Mr Tan Hoe Teck for giving us his feedback, encouraging us when we faced a roadblock and also accompanying us through this journey of our experiment. Lastly, I would like to thank each of our group members for working hard and not giving up. We also like to thank our classmates Jia Hui, Brendan, Nigel, Aloysius from Class 
S2-08 for facilitating us in the testing of the soil. We also appreciate the fact that SST has given each and every student an opportunity to expose themselves to the science would and funding us with all the materials we need in our project. We are also very contented that each and every member in the group has done their fair share of work!

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