Title and Abstract


The Development of a Vertical Green House


Vertical Farming is a good option for agriculture in land-scarce countries. In our project, we want to develop a vertical greenhouse. This greenhouse is based on an analysis of the soil that would contribute to the greatest growth of our plants which are balsam and onion. We have successfully managed to create a miniature greenhouse measuring 50cm by 30cm by 60cm. The main plants that we are focusing on in this project is balsam and onion. Balsam require clay loam soil whereas onion requires silt clay soil. The soil of the Balsam requires 75% (Nitrate), 0 (Phosphorus), 25%(Potassium). The soil of the Onion requires 40% (Nitrate), 12% (Phosphorus), 48% (Potassium).

Our project shows that it is possible to create such a system. A good application of this project is to build a larger system to provide food to a large population of 4-5 people.

Project Details (Mainly What We Are Testing)

Science Research - Improve a product or process (Industrial and Applied Research)

Category - Plant Sciences (PS)

Sub-Category - Others (Agriculture)

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